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Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Accidents happen. And for a home with pets, rest assured there will be plenty of accidents. Even the best trained of companions slip up from time to time, and you need a professional to help tackle the stain.

Pet urine does not just stay on the surface of your carpet or fabric, but penetrates down to the carpet backing and subfloor underneath. Most steam cleanings just spread the dried urine crystals with an influx of water during the cleaning process. Only Fowler Carpet and Upholstery’s carbonated cleaning process lift the urine crystals back to the surface of the fabric so they can be extracted, leaving no trace of urine or odor.

Often, pets will return to the same area to urinate over and over, causing discoloration, odor, and damage to your carpets and upholstery. Simple cleaning cannot remedy this. Often, water reanimates the urine crystals, spreading the odor and contamination an even greater radius during the cleaning process.

Since our carbonated cleaning process uses 80% less water than most steam cleaners, pet urine stains can be removed fully, without spreading the contamination in the process.

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What Our Clients Say

"To be honest, I've been an unfaithful carpet cleaning customer. I'm always trying new companies, especially if there is a coupon or groupon. I always stray, but NEVER again. Kyle Fowler (the owner) came to clean our carpets yesterday, after things started looking a little like a mess hall around here!! He was so thorough, very professional, AND their prices are fair to begin with so the coupon made it even sweeter of a deal for me."

–Customer for Life!!

"I had stained carpets from children and pets!!! Kyle came in and cleaned my carpet and they look amazing!!! Thanks so much kyle!!"

–Clean carpet yay!!

"I called Fowler Carpet and was able to get service the next day. My carpet was filthy from a dog we adopted that had some house training issues. They came out and we now have no spots! Highly recommend!"

–Great carpet cleaning!

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