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Prevention and Protection. Stains are inevitable, especially if you live in an active house with family or pets. While our signature effervescent cleaning process can remove most stains, preventing the stain in the first place helps your carpet and upholstery look cleaner and last longer. Maintain the beauty of your carpet and upholstery by using Fowler Carpet and Upholstery Protection before the damage is done.

Using carpet and fabric protection provided resistance to soiled messes and stains, a much higher protection than commonly purchased household solutions. Using Fowler Carpet and Upholstery Protection creates an invisible barrier that keeps spills (such as wine or juice) from staining your carpet or upholstery. Spills are then easily cleaned off, or easily removed during your next professional cleaning from Fowler Carpet and Upholstery.

Carpet and Upholstery Protection Benefits:

  • Increased vacuuming efficiency – dirt and soil doesn’t “stick” as well to your fabrics and is easier to clean off.
  • Easily remove stains and clean spills
  • Longer carpet and upholstery life – protected carpets have less wear when properly cared for and vacuumed frequently, will retain a more attractive appearance longer.

Don’t carpets come with carpet protection already?

Over time, all carpet protections and stain resistant treatments have reduced effectiveness. Studies show that factory carpet protections can be ineffective after 200 vacuumings, not taking into account any traffic wear at all. We recommend protecting your investments in your carpet and upholstered furniture ever few years to revive and keep home décor fresh and clean looking, even in between professional cleanings.

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What Our Clients Say

"I called Fowler Carpet and was able to get service the next day. My carpet was filthy from a dog we adopted that had some house training issues. They came out and we now have no spots! Highly recommend!"

–Great carpet cleaning!

"To be honest, I've been an unfaithful carpet cleaning customer. I'm always trying new companies, especially if there is a coupon or groupon. I always stray, but NEVER again. Kyle Fowler (the owner) came to clean our carpets yesterday, after things started looking a little like a mess hall around here!! He was so thorough, very professional, AND their prices are fair to begin with so the coupon made it even sweeter of a deal for me."

–Customer for Life!!

"I had stained carpets from children and pets!!! Kyle came in and cleaned my carpet and they look amazing!!! Thanks so much kyle!!"

–Clean carpet yay!!

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