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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Have a commercial carpet that needs cleaning?

Offices spend thousands of dollars on carpeting and upholstery to create a professional image for their business and visiting customers. They also get accelerated wear on these items due to the nature of where they are located and what purpose they are used for.

Companies must take a proactive approach in protecting their investment in carpeting and furnishings by regular professional cleanings and protection. Poor maintenance can adversely affect the company’s image, cause larger maintenance bills down the road, or lead to premature replacement of items, all wasting funds that could be better directed for the company.

Use Fowler Carpet and Upholstery for your regular commercial carpet and upholstery cleanings. Our signature cleaning methods can extend the life of your expensive carpets and rugs while maintaining a healthy indoor environment. And, our quick service and short dry times means your carpet is ready for customer traffic when you are.

Just ask us! We offer after hours cleaning to accommodate your business hours.

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What Our Clients Say

"To be honest, I've been an unfaithful carpet cleaning customer. I'm always trying new companies, especially if there is a coupon or groupon. I always stray, but NEVER again. Kyle Fowler (the owner) came to clean our carpets yesterday, after things started looking a little like a mess hall around here!! He was so thorough, very professional, AND their prices are fair to begin with so the coupon made it even sweeter of a deal for me."

–Customer for Life!!

"I called Fowler Carpet and was able to get service the next day. My carpet was filthy from a dog we adopted that had some house training issues. They came out and we now have no spots! Highly recommend!"

–Great carpet cleaning!

"I had stained carpets from children and pets!!! Kyle came in and cleaned my carpet and they look amazing!!! Thanks so much kyle!!"

–Clean carpet yay!!

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