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  • 1-3 rooms up to 300/sf $99
  • 1-5 rooms up to 600/sf $189
  • Whole House up to 1000/sf $299

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Fowler Carpet and Upholstery has services hundreds of households in your area and is committed to providing safe, long-lasting carpet cleaning to our customers. We are The Healthy Clean.

Our cleaning process uses 80% less water that typical steam cleaning methods, your carpet will dry quickly, not over days like steam cleaning. Which means furniture can be moved back quickly, and general household traffic can commence same day.

Our primary carpet cleaning solution is highly carbonated, which helps it penetrate deep into your carpet fibers, cleaning deep-down dirt without flooding the carpet and padding with water and without harsh cleaning chemicals. No cleaning residue is left behind, so the resulting carpets stay cleaner and fresher longer.

The combination of fast drying and low-water cleaning with carbonation means less mold and mildew growth which can result from wet, stagnant carpet. And, our carpet solutions are green certified, which means they are safer and healthier for your family and pets to walk on, roll on, sleep on, and get as close as they want to your freshly cleaned carpet.

Fowler Carpet and Upholstery will have your carpet clean and dry in a matter of hours which means you can get back to your home life, uninterrupted.

How do we clean so well?

It’s all in the process. Our signature effervescent, carpet cleaning process is the key to the healthy clean carpet we provide. We use a low pressure carpet cleaning solution, full of carbonated cleansing bubbles which easily lift away dirt and stains from your carpet, bringing them to the surface to be whisked away forever.

Fowler Carpet and Upholstery is The Healthy Clean.

Have Allergies? Our process removes more allergens from carpet and upholstery than traditional steam cleaning.

Benefits of The Healthy Clean:

  • Harness the Power of carbonation, our formula is gentle on your carpet and your family!
  • Our carbonated process uses less water than other services like steam cleaners, so carpet drying time is minimized, reducing the chance of mold, mildew and bacteria growth.
  • Our cleaners are safe and gentle for most carpets and for your entire family, including your pets.
  • Our carpet cleaners contain no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals.
  • Our effervescent carpet cleaning formula brings dirt to the surface while our signature cleaners extract the dirt, leaving behind only clean carpet without the soapy residue of other cleaning methods. Because there is no residue left behind, the carpets we clean stay cleaner longer, even with heavy traffic areas.
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What Our Clients Say

"I called Fowler Carpet and was able to get service the next day. My carpet was filthy from a dog we adopted that had some house training issues. They came out and we now have no spots! Highly recommend!"

–Great carpet cleaning!

"To be honest, I've been an unfaithful carpet cleaning customer. I'm always trying new companies, especially if there is a coupon or groupon. I always stray, but NEVER again. Kyle Fowler (the owner) came to clean our carpets yesterday, after things started looking a little like a mess hall around here!! He was so thorough, very professional, AND their prices are fair to begin with so the coupon made it even sweeter of a deal for me."

–Customer for Life!!

"I had stained carpets from children and pets!!! Kyle came in and cleaned my carpet and they look amazing!!! Thanks so much kyle!!"

–Clean carpet yay!!

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