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Oriental Rug and Textile Cleaning

Much like your cherished oriental rug, rug cleaning is also somewhat of an art. Fowler Carpet and Upholstery understands that your delicate fabrics and rugs represent a significant investment and should be handled with care. That’s why we promise your area rugs are carefully treated by our trained specialists using our unique process and powerful yet gentle non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Before cleaning is begun, we carefully photograph your rug for any existing wear or damage and inspect thoroughly. We then clean in place or take to our location for thorough cleaning and dry time. After rug is fully dry, we wrap for delivery.

Fine Textile Hand Washing

We know how valuable your fine textiles can be to you, which is why we clean with so much care and attention to detail. Depending on the recommended care of the rug or fabric, our process follows the steps below:


The most important step of the process: dusting. Our rug dusting machine removes 85% of the particulate before washing even begins, eliminating allergens before they even get wet. Pounds of dirt, soil, dead skin cells, and particulate can be removed this way.


We then fully immerse the rug or fabric in cold water and gently wash with safe, non-toxic cleaning products, paying careful attention to any areas of interest or soil.


Once the wash is complete, each fabric or rug is fully rinsed, helping to restore the fibers to a more natural, soft condition.

Dry and Detail

Your rug or fabric then enters our controlled drying environment, quickly drying without risk to fringe or detail in the item. A final inspection and specialty spot and stain removal is performed, before wrapping and delivering back to you.

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What Our Clients Say

"To be honest, I've been an unfaithful carpet cleaning customer. I'm always trying new companies, especially if there is a coupon or groupon. I always stray, but NEVER again. Kyle Fowler (the owner) came to clean our carpets yesterday, after things started looking a little like a mess hall around here!! He was so thorough, very professional, AND their prices are fair to begin with so the coupon made it even sweeter of a deal for me."

–Customer for Life!!

"I had stained carpets from children and pets!!! Kyle came in and cleaned my carpet and they look amazing!!! Thanks so much kyle!!"

–Clean carpet yay!!

"I called Fowler Carpet and was able to get service the next day. My carpet was filthy from a dog we adopted that had some house training issues. They came out and we now have no spots! Highly recommend!"

–Great carpet cleaning!

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